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Inés Kelly on lunar alignment & why we need to tune into our cycles.

I met Ines Kelly in a women circle called "Moon Cave" - hosted by her - for the first time. Shortly after, I have then decided to enter a 1:1 lunar coaching exchange with her. She spoke to me with her very rooted, shamanic but also very modern approach to womanhood and I'd love for you to get to know her too:


Dear Ines, I have met you in a women gathering called "Moon Cave" for the first time. And shortly after have then decided to enter a 1:1 lunar coaching exchange with you. We will dive into both of these topics in a second. But would you maybe first introduce yourself, where you are coming from, and how you would describe your being and work.

I believe my full name sums up pretty well where I am from. So, my name is Ines Kelly Betschart. Ines being Spanish, originally from Peru, Kelly, my middle name - American, where I grew up - and Betschart - Swiss from my dad's side.
I was born in Peru, raised in the US and spent most of my teenager/adult life in Switzerland. My being is an interesting mix of an introvert and extrovert. I love leading a secluded life where I can learn about anything my heart craves, yet also appreciate deep connections with others.

I am a spiritual coach for women and also write musings every moon phase. I guide women to come back to their inner wisdom through ritual, shamanic principles, spirituality, and intuitive guidance. I also hold sacred space for women in the Zurich area and online with my online membership, La Luna Circle.

What were the experiences leading up to your choice of profession? How did you find your purpose?

That is a long story, because it goes as far back as to my childhood. I believe that we can find our most connected passions can always be traced back to that time. And for me, I was always very connected to nature, animals, all things spooky such as witches and ghosts, and the dream world.

Ever since I could remember I had vivid dreams and my dreams were very important for me. I kept two journals ever since I could write - one for dreams and the other for my personal thoughts and feelings. I began dream interpretations around my teenage years and I did so almost religiously until my mid twenties. Which was when Osho, Deepk Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, Louise Hay, and so many other amazing spiritual teachings came into my life.

It was really a journey I must say. There is no straight, linear journey to arrive at your purpose in my opinion. So many experiences, occurrences, people, all contributed to me doing what I am doing today. All which I am eternally grateful for. I would not change one thing from my journey.

What is your offering and why do you think the world or, let's say, we women dearly need that?

Trust. To deeply trust that they know all the answers within, and trust what they find, even if it does not make sense at the time. When you look back, it always makes sense.

Women need to drop into their body, connect with their lower chakras, with their body, and intuitive movement.

What can a woman do to find more into alignment ? And what role plays the moon with regards to that?

Women can find more alignment in their lives through once again trust in their path and higher purpose. The moon is a beautiful guide to tune in every moon phase and reflect where we are at. I truly believe that we can find all answers in nature. And Mama Luna is such a divine light for us to follow. As she shows us exactly how life is about the ebb and flow.

What is a Moon Cave?

A Moon Cave is a sacred space for women to come together and speak about all things menstrual cycle. I desire to break the taboo of not seeing our blood as sacred. In ancient times, women would gather regularly in so called, red tents. I am bringing that ancient practice back with a modern twist.

You are offering 1:1 coachings - what is happening in these coachings and who are they meant for ?

My 1:1 coachings are for the Woman who seeks connection with herself, with the Universe, with the energies that are always at play with our own. It is for the woman who craves to come back to herself, trust, be more, do less, and connect with Mama Tierra on a deeper level through the lunar energies and elements.

Why do you think has the moon such a big influence over female lives? And how can we align more ?

Mama Luna influences us women especially because we have wombs and our inner tides rise and lower every month, just like the tides in the ocean that the moon rules over. We can align our energies more to the moon, by becoming aware of her and the phases she goes through. Begin to ebb and flow with her through more awareness.

What main problems do you observe in our current time in the lives of women? What has changed from earlier to today?

The modern woman has to be it all these days. The perfect mother, housewife, breadwinner, sex Goddess, the list goes on... We expect too much from ourselves. An unrealistic measuring stick that can never be reached. Well, that could be possibly the trap to keep us busy, away from our power.

I desire for us to drop this need of separation that we have to do it all on our own and seek community amongst each other. This is how we used to live in ancient tribal settings. No woman did it all on her own. She had a tribe of women who would care for each child no matter which one cried, we were all mothers, together.

The modern woman needs a tribe of divine women to be there for her, to carry the burden of everyday life and show her she does not need to do this alone. No matter if she is a mother or not. Already having someone who cooks for you every now and then, invites you over for food, is a beautiful act of solidarity and community.

How do you find in a balanced spirituality? And what does spirituality mean to you?

I find balance in knowing that I will not always be balanced. Does that make sense? Knowing that I am always different, that some days will be harder to find balance, and other days will be easier to connect and love myself through it all.

Spirituality means for me a gift that I received in this lifetime and maybe many lifetimes before that. It has given me so much peace to heart, as that is what spirituality means for me, that place inside, where I can connect to, anytime.

What is your advice for a more balanced and less stressful life?

My advice is to follow YOUR heart and its subtle whisper of guidance. You know and feel exactly if something is for you or not. Follow that.

What is your biggest challenge in life?

My biggest challenge in life is being present. Sometimes I can slow things down enough to be present, other times I notice how I go down the rabbithole of social media and direct my energy outwards. Being present with my children with all of the technology and fast pace living is probably my biggest challenge, as well as living in a “tribeless” society, when everyone lives in their tiny boxes for themselves.

What makes you happy? And what makes you sad?

What makes me happy and sad are my children. Happy because they are just who they are. And that brings me joy. What makes me sad is sometimes the society we are living in.

Anything else you would like to share?

I would love to share that I feel really honored to be coaching such a remarkable and reflective warrior woman like yourself. Thank you for giving me a platform to amplify my voice and speak my truth.


to learn more about the workshops and offerings by Ines Kelly, visit her website.
interviewed by Anina Mutter, photo credit by: Niloufar, and Shirin



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