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10 vegan, healthy & active things to do in Lisbon

Lisboa! I can’t remember since when I wanted to visit the portuguese capital, but it definitely was for a long time that I had this colorful city at the back of my mind. So when my girl Claudia and I booked this trip, I was really excited but also not exactly sure of what to expect. There were people telling me that I’d love it, others were a bit hesitant with comments like “it’s so steep, you are basically climbing hills all the time” or “I don’t like cities that are next to the sea without a beach or at least a promenade or anything”. Well, I’d soon be there to decide for myself and to form my own opinion.

Since both of us are health oriented sports warriorresses, I did some research prior to our trip on where to eat healthy and in my case also vegan. I was pretty impressed by the choice of promising places that are spread over the entire city. So when boarding the plane, I was pretty confident, that we might actually have rather happy tummies aka happy minds in Lisbon. And yes, I was right: the four days at Lisbon have been filled with good food, intense walks, sunny and colorful streets, lovely views, bumpy tram & TukTuk rides, cultural discoveries, etc. In the following, you’ll mainly find our favorite healthy food places, but I’ll also give you a list with places worth visiting, where we stayed at, some tips & tricks, etc. Happy Healthy Discovery I’d say!


1 Where to Eat

Eight Health Lounge – plantbased, healthy, beautiful food

The Eight Health Lounge was my absolute favorite! They serve the exact food I wanna eat: vegan, healthy and beautifully prepared, in an atmosphere I wanna stay. Also, they have wifi and plugs which makes it to the perfect digital nomad pit stop place. I really loved their green juice, the avocado toast, the Black Diamond Smoothie Bowl, but also their Cheese Cake, which is delicious! I also made a new discovery: the Maca Mocca Latte = yum! Go and be happy!


Inkfarm Food – the very best Falafel in town 

They claim that they make the very best Falafel in the world. I don’t know about that but I definitely agree that it has to be the best Falafel in town! When we arrived slightly hangry, they saved our lives not only with their delicious Israeli, vegetarian (vegan possible), organic food but also with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Also, the Inkfarm is located right next to one of the Miradouros (viewpoints) and thus the perfect evening hotspot to watch the sunset over Lisbon, whilst devouring a tasty Falafel or Sabich. Yum!


Nicolau – Instagrammable vegan happy food

When I arrived at Nicolau Lisboa I understood why it had been recommended to us on various occasions. Not only the menu but also the location is highly instagrammable and definitely worth a visit. Even though, with regards to healthiness nothing beats my dear Eight Health Lounge. Still, I enjoyed another very tasty avocado toast and an açai bowl combined with a matcha latte. All vegan of course. Why not!

Liquid – the green juice emergency reliever 

Our bodies regularly crave green juices and sometimes it’s really difficult to satisfy these cravings in an unknown city. In Lisbon however, we were lucky enough to stumble upon Liquid – Smooth Living who serve a cool variety of different juices and smoothie bowls. I treated myself to a super green juice, taking advantage of the possibility of choosing additional ingredients. The juices are good but not game changers. Still, this is complaining on a very high level! Can do!


We also ate at: 

We have also been to OrganiChiado, where they serve very good, refined sugar free, organic menus. We tried to eat at Ao 26 – The Vegan Food Project it was however fully booked. If you plan to eat there, we recommend making a previous reservation. We were rather disappointed by Naked Lisbon, which sounded a lot better than it actually was, with regards to ingredients, choice and also friendliness of staff.

2 What to Do

3 Where to Stay

We stayed at Thomas and Paulina’s cute little apartment which comes with an absolutely unbeatable price-performance ratio. It’s located close to Alfama and the center of Lisbon, but also in walking distance of the Bairro Alto. Even though it’s very small and nearly windowless, they made the best out of it. Check availability here.

4 Tips & Tricks

Lisbon is actually quite small, so if you have good shoes (never try to walk the streets in heels, you’ll understand why) everything is more or less in walking distance. Also, it’s fun to randomly discover the city when headed to a new spot. We found lovely street concerts, graffitis, people, etc. by just strolling through the city.

If for once you don’t want to be walking, Uber is a very good option. The drivers are super nice, love sharing their knowledge of the city, and, prices are super cheap!

Be aware, when traveling as a woman / as women, some portuguese men are very intrusive. We, two girls, not dressed too sexy, had some situations we actually didn’t feel very at ease with. So, mostly at nights, it may be wise to avoid too empty streets or places where there are groups of men luring around trying to hit on women.


Travelling is always connected with a serious amount of CO2 Emissions. That is why I always compensate my trips with myClimate. I know that this is not the solution, but at least it’s better than nothing. / This blog post is not sponsored and has been created as the result of my 4-days trip to Lisbon.



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