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The best Places to Workout in London.

I came to London to move. And my goal was to find the coolest classes and best teachers around. With my time being restricted, I of course was by far not able to check out all of the places that I am assuming could be good - but, with the ones I'll be giving you right below, you'll already be able to put yourself a nice, challenging and super fun schedule together. 

My primary interest was to improve my handstand, rings and calisthenics game but also to find some nice Yoga classes or anything else that could broaden my movement horizon. And let me tell you, what I found was beyond my expectations! 


1 lift: the movement

If I could, I would move in at lift. Angus Martin did not only create an aesthetically beautiful gym but the schedule is pure beauty as well. You get from extremely well led handstand classes, to foundational training at the rings, to regenerative classes, everything you need to become a much better mover. The passion that is being put into teaching at lift makes all the difference! These people know what they do. Get going here.


2 Psycle 

I am kind of over my spinning phase - however, Psycle also offers quite a range of other classes, such as Yoga. I am listing this studio because there is one Yoga class in particular that you should not miss at any cost - look out for Kim Hartwell. This woman creates the most diverse, entertaining and challenging classes - blending Vinyasa with Animal Locomotion and happiness. Good Stuff! Here's your link to the goodness. 

ps. In case you want to try a spinning class - you should def. check Alvin's and Wolf's classes! Oh and the Easy Green Shake is my favorite. Drink one for me, please.


3 blok

I do have mixed feelings about blok. I can't deny though that I had some got classes there. If you are looking for some HIIT challenge, or a Yoga class - that's your address. I had some really good Yin Yoga class here and also enjoyed some other Yoga classes. Work that body here.


4 TriYoga

High-quality classes in a very Yogic atmosphere and a café with delicious treats and shakes. That's a pretty good combo - you can't do anything wrong with taking some classes at TriYoga. Oh, and they also offer treatments. You get it - here you get all things Yoga. 


That's it for now. I will be updating the list though as I go. For now, I have been super happy with these four. Basically, you could also just do every class at lift, and you'd be more than well off. But, never stop exploring! The more versatile the challenges are, the better.




ekkoist will mit Klischees aufräumen. Und dogmatisch-ideologische Hürden niederreissen. ekkoist offeriert Alternativen: farbig, bewusst, gesund, nachhaltig, aktiv, einfühlsam, neugierig, eigensinnig.. Alle ekkoist-Perlen versuchen auf irgendeine Art etwas ein wenig besser und anders zu machen. Und bereichern dein Leben positiv. Dies ist die Sammlung von mir für dich.

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