London is the perfect city for digital nomads - if you know the secret spots!

My favorite Digital Nomad Hotspots in London

I couldn't imagine not living my independent life as a digital nomad anymore. The liberty that comes with a job where you just need your laptop to work is just priceless. However, it does need a certain dose of discipline to keep your work up, no matter where you are.

Sometimes, you may not find the ideal spot to work - be that due to  bad wifi, noisy surroundings, or just a not very inspiring place. London however, won't disppoint you, if you know where to hide. In the following, I am sharing my current favorite spots with you - please treat them well and with loads of love. They deserve it!

As I have mostly been roaming in and about East London, these places are also in or close by to Shoreditch (which anyways is one of the coolest areas of the city). Have fun! 

1 ACE Hotel /Shoreditch

You would never guess from the outside that, whenever you step into the dark worlds of the ACE Hotel, you'd find numerous digital nomads with their laptops. Most of them working highly concentrated on their projects, sometimes discussing the next steps for the business with their friends and partners. Lots of plugs and an interesting menu round the digital nomad experience perfectly up. Get working here


2 Benk & Bo 

Super stylish, design-love interior, Yoga-Studio and delicious café in one. Benk & Bo is designed for digital nomads and does its job well. Wifi is though only free for one hour. But still, def. worth a visit. Here's your link.


3 TriYoga Shoreditch

Contrary to TriYoga Camden where you are not even allowed to use your phones in the café area, in the Shoreditch location you may bring your laptop, use the wifi, bathe in the calming yoga-atmosphere and sip on a Turmeric latte whilst fulfilling your digital nomad duties. Also, the Gladiator Protein shake is delicious. That's your link.


4 Toconoco 

So, this is a real and true gem. And I was even thinking to not share it with you because it should stay a hidden treasure. But, since I am by far not 1 Mio. Followers strong, I do think that some (and not too many) of you might appreciate this little spot, right next to the canal. It's a little Japanese café with a delicious matcha or sesame latte, free wifi and Japanese food. It feels super neighboury and whenever I am there I keep on dreaming that this could be my café around the corner. Discover that gem here.


5 Redemption Bar Shoreditch

Oh, and this one - it's a particularly good one because first: you eat a delicious vegan meal, then you drink an adaptogenic latte, and theeeen you work. Sounds good, doesn't it?! That's your link to vegan heaven.



ekkoist will mit Klischees aufräumen. Und dogmatisch-ideologische Hürden niederreissen. ekkoist offeriert Alternativen: farbig, bewusst, gesund, nachhaltig, aktiv, einfühlsam, neugierig, eigensinnig.. Alle ekkoist-Perlen versuchen auf irgendeine Art etwas ein wenig besser und anders zu machen. Und bereichern dein Leben positiv. Dies ist die Sammlung von mir für dich.

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